How to sell your Restaurant or Hotel Business property effectively (Part 2)

Posted, February 14th, 2015

Part one of how to sell your restaurant or hotel business property efectively one we covered making sure your Restaurant or Hotel is priced correctly. Other items includ commercial retail leases, having the right business operational management systems, working with property owner, employee/staff contracts, and the importance of presenting your cafe, motel, bar or resort business property for maximum market appeal.

Accordingly, in this video ?on How to sell your restaurant or hotel busienss property effectively (Part 2) ?we cover;

Contract of sale ? Has all the right documentation being passed on to the solicitors for drawing up the contract?

Outstanding orders. Any government/ council orders that must be completed?

  • Is the claimed potential of the business property clearly obvious.
  • Are there any outstanding maintenance issues?
  • Are you ready to go to the market? With this in mind, are there any personal issues that are needed to be resolved?
  • The Financial Accounts. In summary, are the books in order?
  • Have we got the right Commercial Real Estate & Business Agent.

What next for your business property?

In conclusion, picking the best qualified agent to do the job for you can make all the difference.

Additionally,, if you would like a free appraisal or discuss how to minimise the chances to leave any money on the table when you eventually have to sell Contact Con Tastzidis at Australian Leisure Property


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