Buying or Opening a Restaurant / Cafe Business

Posted, February 14th, 2015

Buying and or Setting up your own Restaurant or Cafe Business can take time and cost you a lot of money. there is the government red tape. The red tape in getting permits and approvals plus the associated legal costs etc can to many people be an overwhelming experience. This is on top of buying (and property contract of sale) or leasing (and lease) the property, drawing up a business plan, setting up business systems, staffing, marketing etc.

An alternative for you is to buy yourself an established Restaurant, Cafe, Function Centre, Bed and Breakfast or other commercial Business. This can be a business with an attached commercial property or a business (leasehold business) on its own. Whether you are looking to purchase a cafe, restaurant, hotel, motel, resort, function centre, bar or any other type of leisure property/business there is still several items such as your own company setup/structure, license requirements etc which you will need to go through with your solicitor and accountant. Many of these items are covered in various Australian Government web sites such as

If you have any questions regarding the best type of property/business to buy to suit your investment budget and business experience we can help you.

At Australian Leisure Property we have a wide selection hospitality/leisure property/businesses for sale to suit most budgets, experience and needs. Existing listings can be found on our web site Also note that many of our listings are not listed on our site. To discuss your specific requirements in confidence contact Con Tastzidis


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