Asians looking for Australian Property & Business Opportunities

Posted, February 14th, 2015

Commercial property and business investment by Asian property investors in Australia appears to be growing. Many business publications have recently reported a growing appetite of the Asian market towards Australian property & Business Opportunities/investments.

Australia?s fairly stable economy and relatively high yields by global standards seem to be the key attraction

Quality Hotel/Leisure/tourism property purchases by overseas interests seem to be more common recently.

The Australian Financial Review reported this week that Hong Kong-based Shangri-La hotels and resorts buying the 191 room holiday in Brisbane. In addition, only a few days after buying the 563 room Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney.

Recent Asian Tourist Advertising

There has been recent advertising campaign by Australian tourism targeted towards the growing affluent Chinese tourism market. As a result this marketing there has been increasing interest for Hotel and Leisure/Tourism Property Investment.

It has also has been interesting to note (as was reported in the Australian newspaper by Rowan Callick on 27th June), of recent changes in Chinese lending restrictions.

?China has been moving in recent days to ease restrictions on both outward and inward investment.

The State Administration of foreign exchange has changed its rules. These rules allow Chinese companies to obtain foreign currency loans within China. This will allow for lending to their offshore entities from July 1.? Reported Rowan Callick.

It would be interesting to see if this generates any further property investment in Australia

Asians looking for Australian Property & Business Opportunities

We have certainly noticed a recent spike in interest from Asian buyers looking for property and business opportunities. This interest has been ?on all price levels.

We plan to launch marketing campaign in Asia soon. This will culminate with a planned trip in early spring to South East Asia. In Asia we plan to showcase a selective number of Australian Leisure Properties and businesses. In addition, we plan to meet face to face with Asian Investors.

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